Key Points In The Eastern Market

Cast is usually from blonde to Mediterranean, but usually you cannot find very good bone structure because the languages spoken in the region do not require such characteristics. When asking for mixed ethnicity expect little choices.

Art and styling is a reflection of magazines or local culture. If the project has specific requirements, then you need to communicate your visual references ahead of time and keep in mind that ’80s and ’90s were quite restrictive in the region and fashion was an understatement.

Hotels are usually a mix of old and new buildings. The safest solution would be a chain hotel, but clearly a boutique hotel will offer their guests better quality services.

Local catering means a clear reflection of local blends and international cuisine. Vegetarian diets are rare, so, again please communicate your requirements for all your demands in order to get better service.

Crews speak English, but different cultures adapt their language when phrasing in English.  This means that a local expression might be translated word for word, rather than spoken in a perfect language. This may come as a barrier so again visual examples work perfectly.

Locations are usually gems in the region, so the tendency is to be overrated in terms of budget. Don’t be surprised if a house or a monumental building may be more expensive than the Western world. This is mainly because such gems don’t grow up easily and they are not so easily found. Of course the Eastern budgets are usually lower than the Western market, but some chapters of the budget may be higher than expected for the region.

Traveling times may differ in the Eastern region. Whether it’s because of the traffic or simply because of the infrastructure, it’s best that you don’t build up your expectations, but ask good old Google to double check.

Finally, please feel relaxed that for example Internet connections in Romania are among the fastest in the world.