Some Production Examples

If you are looking for a high-rise train bridge crossing a valley, this may be found in Romania or in Montenegro, but clearly not in the neighbouring country of Hungary. This is just an example emphasising that the whole experience of making a story come true means mixing geography, history and cultural ethnicity to get a very believable outcome in the final movie. Imagedirector can facilitate a very easy mix, by perfectly understanding all existing client requirements and finding the resources within this region. If it’s the Eastern / Western look of the cast, the normal or funky people in the streets or the mixed ethnicity, these are key elements which need to blend well in a good production.

Another simple example is about accommodation and comfort travel. Hotels seem to be the easiest choice as most chains are present in the region, still the hotels are older refurbished buildings which means that sometimes conditions may not be perfect due to the history of the construction or the remake.

Cars may be modern, but drivers need to understand the courtesy of driving and not sharing their nervousness with the passengers. The Eastern market is learning to educate their rush hour traffic politeness.

Catering and food are also something people in production usually find very difficult to adjust to when traveling. Vegetarianism and veganism are quite new in Eastern Europe, and sometimes even simple balanced diets are misunderstood. This is something which most production members understand as being a delicate matter, so they can usually make recommendations based on understanding food diversity and balanced diet from different regions. And we all know traveling helps us grow more into eating more.

I remember when looking for city scrapers in lovely Barcelona and the production team looking at me and repeating daily that that is not common to the old city. I finally understood when seeing the city. They have beautiful Catalan architecture blended with a few glass buildings, but clearly no New York scenes can be filmed there. And yes, you can cheat it for some tight shots.

There is a lot to take in when a service production house is speaking about cultural heritage and these are just a few examples to show a little insight into how much knowledge Imagedirector has on local and global differences.